Buckingham Posts Bond, Fitial in Philippines

May 17, 2013

Governor Eloy Inos signed a new extradition letter, this time to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper requesting that fugitive and former CNMI AG Edward T. Buckingham III be put into the custody of U.S. Marshalls to be returned to the CNMI to face charges. Previously it was believed that Buckingham was in Iowa, and in February 2013 an extradition letter was sent to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad requesting cooperation to return the criminal.

It was through a private investigator, who was hired to serve a summons to Buckingham for a civil suit brought against him by former OAG attorney James Taylor, that Buckingham was located in Lakewood, Colorado. (See Court documents here.)

Yesterday Buckingham was released from the Jefferson County jail to appear before Jefferson County Court Judge K.J. Moore. The judge told Buckingham why he was being held and advised him of his rights. A court date of June 10, 2013 was set for the fugitive who posted $25,000 cash bond.

Pam Russell, Director of Public Information for the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, said that Buckingham did not waive his right to fight extradition. It appears that Buckingham will have to be dragged back to the CNMI in handcuffs by U.S. Marshalls. Considering that at one time he was the highest law enforcement official in the CNMI, Buckingham's refusal to return on his own to face charges suggests that he knows that his corrupt schemes with his puppet master, Benigno Fitital, will most likely land him behind bars.

The arrest of the fugitive has made headlines across the Pacific, including in New Zealand.

The Australian press  has an audio interview of OPA legal counsel Georgeo Hasselback stating that he asked  the CNMI Superior Court to reissue an arrest warrant for Benigno Fitial so that his prosecution can proceed.

Now that it has been disclosed that Fitial is in St. Lukes Hospital in Manila, if an arrest warrant is reissued by Associate Judge David Wiseman, then as one commenter on this blog stated, officials from the U.S. Embassy in Manila could easily take him into custody. Will Governor Inos also issue an extradition request for his longtime pal, Benigno Fitial?

From the Pacific News Center:


Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Corruption has fallen. The Ministry of Corruption's location is identified They're coming. They're coming They're coming for you Fitial. Be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

It seems that things are turning around now. Fitial's army is being taken down and some were even charged. How he got away with so much for so long is amazing.

Anonymous said...

The private investigator didn't "find" anyone. OPA has known for months where EB was, they just were biding their time to make sure the process went smoothly. If anything, the civil litigation nearly blew the operation by tipping EB off.

Anonymous said...

The appropriate authorities were shown where Fitial was (by picture) and that was listed on this blog months ago.