Senate Immigration Bill Headed to Senate Floor

May 22, 2013

By a vote of 13 to 5 the Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill, which is expected to be heard on the Senate Floor in June was passed last evening in the Senate Judiciary Committee after the final markup. The bill was authored by the "Gang of Eight", a bipartisan committee of eight Senators.

The CNMI provision remains secure in the bill.  The provision establishes the qualifying date for the eligible legal CNMI aliens a full 3.5  to 8.5 years further back than eligible undocumented aliens.  It also calls for eligible CNMI aliens to be granted  a CNMI-only status for a full five years before they qualify for a green card. CNMI-only status will allow for travel and the freedom to change employers; however these legal aliens will remain disenfranchised and face more hoops to jump through before ever obtaining U.S. citizenship.

President Obama is urging the bill's passage. He said:
"None of the committee members got everything they wanted, and neither did I, but in the end, we all owe it to the American people to get the best possible result over the finish line."

The immigration bill will face an uphill battle in the more gridlocked and partisan House. Even as President Obama is urging passage of the Senate bill, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlette (R-VA) says that the "bill falls far short of what is needed to end the problem of illegal immigration."


Anonymous said...

So, if passed, once the CW registers they will be able to stay in the NMI and also travel freely outside of the CNMI, (except to the US)with or without a job for the next five years?
There won't have to be any yearly registration and work permits.

This will put to rest all of the present paperwork to be able to work and live in the CNMI along with the present screwed up restrictions on traveling home AND RETURNING for a visit or emergency leave.
I this is the case then it is something that is a little better.

Besides the obvious deficiencies and other problems, one major objection I can foresee is that the NMI Govt. will start crying about the loss of their share revenue assessed from the CW apps. that is supposed to go toward "training" locals.

Also if this is the case then an extension will not be required.

But on the other hand this will further the abuse in the private sector and further stifle the private sector wages along with the outcry of the indigenous about the lack of jobs that they won't take.
This will in effect promulgate the past and present situation on keeping cheap labor around for the next five years.

I do not understand the reasoning of another five year wait and all of the hurdles to gain Cit.
They should amend this to at least allow the present workers to be able to work in Guam due the shortage of employees there IF this military buildup ever occurs.

Anonymous said...

Some years back, I thought allowing our guest workers to GUM was a great idea, but Madaline wouldn't hear of it; remember she ate with Fitial when CODEL was here. So the military build-up has been tabled until at least 2021and I do not think this bill will pass the GOP controlled House of Reps even if it passes the Senate.