The Where in the World? Game Lands in Colorado

May 14, 2013

Since fugitive and former CNMI Attorney General Edward T. Buckingham III fled the CNMI in August 2012 to avoid facing a court hearing, there has been speculation on his whereabouts. Guesses have included San Francisco and Iowa, where his son, Edward T. Buckingham IV, is a practicing physician.

The mystery has been solved. A process server hired by Attorney Robert Torres served Buckingham with a court summons for a civil case involving the termination of  former Assistant Attorney General James Taylor, who claims he was fired because of his age and in retaliation for his advice in not approving some sole-source contracts.

From the 28-page complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of the Northern Marianas on April 23, 2012:
Mr. Taylor’s constructive termination was in retaliation for his public criticism of Buckingham and the legality of the policies and procedures that Buckingham was bent on implementing, including those involving illegal sole-source contracts... 
Buckingham’s acts were undertaken in a deliberate, malicious, oppressive, and intentional manner in order to injure and damage plaintiff and in utter disregard of his contractual rights. They were further motivated by and in retaliation for Mr. Taylor’s opposition to Buckingham’s refusal to abide by CNMI law and its procurement policies. Accordingly, Mr. Taylor is entitled to punitive damages from Buckingham in the highest amount permissible at law.
Read the complaint:
It looks like Mr. Taylor has a strong case. If Taylor wins this lawsuit the CNMI will pay a huge sum for back salary and benefits, punitive damages and compensation.

The question now, is will Buckingham even show up at the hearing?

In February 2013 Governor Eloy Inos signed papers for Buckingham's extradition. He even appealed to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to assist in the extradition.

Now that  everyone knows that Buckingham lives in Lakewood, Colorado, hopefully the Office of the Public Auditor will speed up the process to extradite Buckingham. to face numerous misdemeanor and felony charges.

Meanwhile, three of the four CNMI law enforcement officials who protected Buckingham from being served with a penal summons in August 2012, appeared in CNMI Superior Court before Associate Judge David Wiseman yesterday for arraignment.

The three are former Department of Public Safety Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio T. Ogumoro, Commonwealth Ports Authority Police Chief Jordan Lee Ilo Kosam, and CPA harbor security chief Capt. John Taisacan Rebuenog. Jermaine Joseph Wabol Nekaifes, former body guard and driver for former Governor Benigno Fitial, already denied the charges. All four were charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Some are questioning why former Governor Fitial has not been extradited to faee charges. IS he receiving retirement checks? EWhat address do they go to?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the complaint. Bucky sure is in a heap of trouble. Either he'll come back on his own or in handcuffs.

Captain said...

There are so many questions that rise up.
Among them is the question if Inos actually signed any order for Bucky's extradition.

The other is if the Feds were actually asked for help?
If a private detective can physically locate and serve a summons in such a short time of being hired for $150, then it would be no problem for the Feds to pick up Bucky.

Besides all the many other questions on Bucky, many of the same questions arise concerning Fitial.
It is not hard to find out if Fitial actually went to and is still in the Phil. or has left and is in the US Mainland (or any other foreign place)

Passport travel is on line at any immigration terminal anyway and is easy to pull up.
They do this yearly when I renew my "I" certificate for the Phil. I was amazed the first time I looked at this at a satellite office, they had my travels from the time my passport was issued.
The US Embassy also pulled this up on screen and showed it to me after they had questioned my on some travel.

Now, purely speculation on my part, BUT it would seem to me that Inos (and others)does not want Bucky and Fitial back here. At least not until after the next election to see if Inos can get elected.(if then)

The reason I speculate on this is, If Bucky comes back he has too much info and may incriminate many political and prominent figures which also included business people on Fed charges.

If Fitial is brought back and is convicted on any crimes he may have made a deal with Inos to have Inos pardon him.
This may also happen with Bucky.
If this is done before the next election that alone would spell Inos demise for any chance of being elected as Gov. or any other seat.

If any CNMI jury trial both of these clowns would in all likelihoods be convicted of all counts even if they were not guilty of all counts.

Now of course if any Fed charges were lodged a sitting Gov. would not have any effect on any Fed. conviction.

As I stated this is all purely speculation on my part without any substance

Wendy Doromal said...


You could be right, but anyone that tries to protect or pardon either of the pair will be committing political suicide.

Anonymous said...

Yes Wendy, that would be correct in any place with logic and some kind of ethics, but as has been shown in the past there is no rhyme or reason as to what goes on in our CNMI.

All are fence sitters and the voters are easily bought off and has been proven repeatedly have short memories.

The CNMI Politics mirror the Phil.
I have followed somewhat the elections there.

An interesting example is that many years ago Marcos and Imelda were the "scourge" of the Phil. There is still outstanding cases against Marcos and family.
But the Marcos family has been able to maintain a political status there ever since her return.
Imelda just got re-elected again and her son is still in his seat among other family members.

Look at the CNMI, almost every one of these elected get recycled and most change parties at the drop of the hat. The voter buy into these guys spin for a few caes of beer, BBQ, tents and picnic tables.

That is why I made this presumption about Inos and other attempting to delay any return of Fitial and Bucky until after the next election.