Arrest Warrant Issued for Ex-CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial

June 20, 2013

A roadside placard  posted earlier this year before the
 impeachment of ex-governor Fitial
Superior Court Associate Judge David Wiseman has finally issued an arrest warrant for ex-governor Benigno Fitial who fled the CNMI to the Philippines in February 2013.

The original arrest warrant was vacated and replaced by a penal summons in March 2013. However, since criminal charges were filed against him, the ex-governor has not contacted the Office of the Public Auditor or anyone in the CNMI to respond to the charges.

In May 2013 Special Prosecutor George Hasselback requested that the court reissue the arrest warrant. He appealed to the judge again Monday stating that he needed the warrant so that the case could proceed. Finally, yesterday (Thursday June 20th Saipan time) Judge Wiseman reissued the arrest warrant.

It should not be difficult for authorities to locate Fitial who is reportedly staying in Makati, Philippines with his wife Josie.

Fitial will not likely return on his own and will most likely show up in handcuffs like his co-conspirator ex-AG Edward Buckingham did.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why no bail amount was set as was in Buckingham case.

This would be interesting if Fitial was picked up in Phil. by the NSO, it will cost him plenty to stay out of the common detention cells.

10 people in and 10'X10" cell with no beds and only a bucket.

If he has enough money he can pay to be held in the Military Hospital for the many months it takes to get him returned. Ex-President Arroyo is being held there as her trial gets dragged out. She continues to wear a neck brace in public and many times she s being pushed around in a wheelchair..
It would probably be faster to get Fitial deported once picked up rather than extradited under Phil. law as was done by the local attorney a while back.

At any rate I would like to see Fitial back in chains, even if he manages to eventually beat any jail time.