Trust Buckingham?

May 31, 2013

CNMI's ex-AG Edward Buckingham III in handcuffs.
Photo from Facebook
Special Prosecutor George Hasselback told Superior Court Judge Ken Govendo that Edward Buckingham "should not be trusted" as his attorney, Brien Sers Nicholas pleaded to modify the conditions of his bail so that the criminal could join his wife in Colorado. The judge took the request under advisement.

Trust Buckingham? Not unless you have absolutely no knowledge of his devious and unlawful history since he was appointed Attorney General and used his position to do the bidding of his puppet master ex-governor Benigno Fitial.  From violating the Hatch Act during the 2010 election, to signing off on questionable contracts, to running out on a court order, this attorney has not fulfilled his duty to uphold the law. No, of course he cannot be trusted.

Judge Govendo would be making a serious mistake if he modified Buckingham's bail conditions to allow this wily old attorney to leave the commonwealth.

Ser Nicolas attempted to convince Judge Govendo that the $50,000 bail that was posted is enough to ensure Buckingham will return for his February 2014 trial. Really? He risked losing his license to evade the court, why wouldn't he risk losing the $50,000 bail money?  Maybe it isn't his $50,000 to lose.

Hasselback disagreed with any modification of bail saying, "I don’t believe that his track record in this case justifies the court’s trust. I don’t know the price to put on trusting Mr. Buckingham…. I can’t trust the defendant. I don’t think the court should trust the defendant to depart the CNMI. I don’t think that money will cure that breach of trust.”

Buckingham asked the court to impose a gag order on his case. A gag order would prohibit the attorneys, parties and witnesses from talking to the media or public about the case. Judge Govendo denied that request.

It is amazing that the lawbreaking attorney thinks he should get special treatment. Perhaps he is so used to getting away with breaking the law, that he feels some sense of entitlement.

The Office of the Attorney General is  investigating why Buckingham was not arrested by law enforcement officials at the airport when he arrived as a fugitive with an outstanding arrest warrant.

Buckingham in custody.
Photo from Facebook.
Another question is what kind of airport security does the Saipan International Airport  have? Where was the Department of Homeland Security during his exit and during  his return?

How did Buckingham leave in August 2012 without checking in at the ticket counter, as was reported? It appears that Fitial's DPS thug squad whisked his bags past security checks, and that they themselves got access to secure places in the airport in order to shield Buckingham from being served a summons. How can this happen at a secure airport?

How could a reporter be assaulted by one of the thugs at a secure airport with no arrest being made for that criminal act?

Isn't a federal investigation also in order? Shouldn't DHS be required to explain any lapses in protocol or security? Were any DPS officials or other airport employees involved in the plot? it appears that they must have been. Investigate!