Immigration Reform Stalled

July17, 2013

The Senate's Gang of Eight, who drafted the recently passed Senate immigration bill, have joined with prominent technology companies and pro immigration groups to convince 100 Republican House members to advance immigration reform in the House.

At the same time, the group of seven bipartisan House members who have been working on a comprehensive immigration bill for years is now waiting for the "right time" to release the almost finished 500-page bill.

The Hill reported:
The bipartisan House bill includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) confirmed in a Spanish-language interview last week, although Republicans in the group might characterize the provision as a pathway to legal status. The path is at least two years longer and more arduous than the one in the Senate-passed plan, which negotiators hope will make it more palatable to conservatives. 
While members of the group expect some liberal members of the Democratic Caucus to oppose the bill, it has already won praise from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Democratic votes are likely to be easier to attain. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has encouraged the group’s work, but has not weighed in on the substance of its proposal. 
Whenever the group does release its plan, it will look for an endorsement from Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican budget chief who has kept in close contact with negotiators and has supported the effort in public and in private. 
Meanwhile, President Obama told the Texas Spanish news outlet, Telemundo, that he did not believe that the House would pass any immigration bill before the long August break. The President said:
"There's a tendency I think to put off the hard stuff until the end. And if you've eaten your dessert before you've eaten your meal, at least with my children, sometimes they don't end up eating their vegetables."
Monday's anti-immigration rally promoted by the Tea Party and the Black American Leadership Alliance was a huge bust. The organizers bragged that they would shut down the town, but about 1,000 protesters showed up to listen to the vile spewing from Tea Party leaders, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and former Rep. Allen King (R-FL).

The House Republicans caucused last week deciding to address immigration reform with piecemeal legislation rather than one comprehensive bill. Anyone who looks at the Republican track record knows that they would pass the pieces that they support such as increased border security and E-verify and never get around to bringing a bill to address a pathway to citizenship for legal and undocumented aliens.

Commentator Bob Schaffer describes precisely how I view the do nothing U.S. Congress:


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I seriously doubt that there will be any kind of anything passed in regards to reform, except maybe a fence along the border.

This looks like this will just keep going back and forth until next elections.

This does not look good for the legals in the NMI.

It will be interesting to see what will become of these so called "Tea Party" idiots come next election.

Although I do not claim one pary or the other I used to lean along the Rep. lines.
I watched the "Tea Party" with interest in the beginning but as their ways and thinking in most cases seem to defy logic, they all seem to be nothing but a headless distraction that is causing more problems than any type of solutions.
I am not an Obama supporter by any means nor for many of his key players but it seems the "Tea Party is the ones that is causing all of this impasse and wasted time. (money)