New Xenophobic Group Formed in CNMI

July 22, 2013

A new "indigenous" rights group has formed in the CNMI. The group claims that granting improved status to the legal, longterm nonresidents, most of whom have contributed to the CNMI for decades, “will alter and disrupt the social, political, and economic livelihood and aspirations of the indigenous peoples of the Northern Marianas who are of Northern Marianas descent.”

Apparently the group's members must have amnesia or have forgotten the events of the last three decades when the nonresidents were recruited, renewed over and over, suffered abuses at the hands of their employers, and built up the CNMI economy. Any "social, political and economic" impact has already happened and cannot be undone. The nonresidents have been and continue to make up the majority of the private workforce and are essential to keeping the tourism industry thriving and the economy moving.

What is this idea that the presence of nonresidents somehow impedes the progress of the U.S. citizens? Who is stopping any U.S. citizen from getting a job, opening a business or otherwise participating in their community?

The nonresidents workers should be regarded as future citizens, not as disposable labor units. It is unreasonable and unjust to identify people who have worked and lived legally on U.S. soil for five or more years, or even decades, as "temporary" or "guests". They are neither. They are valuable, contributing members of the community and should be treated as such. The nonresidents of the CNMI have earned and deserve permanent residency status.

The  xenophobic group called the Northern Marianas Descent Corporation, is headed by President Ana Teregeyo, who is a former CNMI legislator. The racist agenda is backed by Rep. Felicidad Ogumoro, former Rep. Danny Quitugua, Connie Togawa, Jesse Taisacan and former Rep. Karl Reyes, according to the Marianas Variety. The group claims to have 7,594 members from Saipan, Tinaina and Rota. I would love to see the membership list.

This is just another supremicist hate group, not unlike the former anti-alien group, the Taotao Tano group and others, that advocated for the legal, long-term nonresidents to remain disenfranchised, oppressed and denied of all rights.

Teregeyo's claims,""We were caught by surprise" speaking of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate.  What surprise? The CNMI status provision has been covered extensively in the CNMI media for over a year and was the subject of hearings on every island after the 2010 DOI Status Report was released.  It would be virtually impossible for any thinking  person not to have known about the hearings and legislation.

The Marianas Variety quoted Teregeyo stating another ignorant claim:
The bill would severely disrupt “anything that we want to do. We would become nonresident aliens on our own islands, and we don’t want that,” Teregeyo said. 
She said their children and future generations would not have the opportunity they are enjoying right now if the bill becomes law.
What exactly would be "severely disrupted"? What couldn't the indigenous people do if a group of legal, longterm nonresidents gained status? What opportunity are they enjoying right now that they would no longer have if status was granted? The ability to continue to rule over and oppress a disenfranchised underclass?

Being a U.S. citizen does not give a person the right to determine who will also be granted citizenship.  Giving others rights does not minimize your own rights!

This is sad, very sad.


Anonymous said...

Haters all. I doubt they have 300 members.

Anonymous said...

The problem with foreign workers from third world countries is that they are happy enough barely getting by then they take whatever money they have an send it back. Look around Saipan and you can see entire "mini Manilas" or Dhakas littering the island. Old clothes hanging out to dry for every tourist to see. Most drive some sort of vehicle that would never even make it off the boat in the US. Yet they are still giddy at making less than $5 an hour because its so much worse in the province.

US workers are at a disadvantage when trying to apply for work. A lot of these companies are controlled by Filipinos and well US citizens do not stand a chance. Look around the island and you will see what is really happening. For every local who steals from their CW employee there are five non local business owners who do the same or worse.

Anonymous said...

9:09 What kind of housing and vehicles do you think workers who earn such low wages have? The workers who aren't qualified for public assistance because there not citizens. Do you think they live in mansions and drive Volvos? The workers are giddy to live among racist haters who want to step on there backs? You are a racist. You stereotype OCWs. Can you name the nonlocal business owners who steal? I can name locals who owe OCWs wages.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:09 The USCIS makes companies advertise and accept US workers before a CW can be hired. Maybe they don't have the skills or qualifications. I don't believe your statistics for nonlocal business cheats versus local cheats and the data and complaints don't support that statement either.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It's extremely sad because these group are still IGNORANT! Self-centered people! It is extremely sad that they are are not learning, they only love themselves and not genuine care goes to their island. They still don't see the effect of their ignorance. Blame it all on the CWs who don't have any single right this group is enjoying. We CWs are Businesmen, Engineers, Nurses, Accountants, Teachers, Farmers, Carpenters, Housemaids who make your lives easier. TAKE our jobs! Come on! YOU HAVE ALL THE MEANS!!! This group is a bunch of self-centered INGRATE!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:09

You are pathetic IGNORANT, too! You have all the rights! You can vote then talk to your lawmakers! It's been happening for decades and you don't like it, what did you do so far? NOTHING! NADA!
You classified as living in THIRD world countries, think you're living in FIRST world country? Ha! I think you've never been in any place but Garapan in your whole life!
Mind you, I am a CW, I have properties back home and I am driving "some sort of vehicle that would never even make it off the boat in the US" because though I can I'm not STUPID like you to buy high-end cars when I could only stay for a year, think about that and think deeper please.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you HATERS.

Anonymous said...

6:11 Maybe their members are against military on Pagan. That was their agenda. I would guess that 7,000 or so people who joined this group to oppose military on Pagan would not want to be associated with this new agenda item.

Anonymous said...

The group sent their resolution to Boehner. Even Boehner should be offended. Self government is not indigenous government or racist government. Next they'll call for all the white folks to leave. Their reasoning is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anonymous said...

You are right 7:27 PM That's the FRUIT of their MOTTO (Finish High School and Join the Government)and you will end on never ending consultancy paying thousands of dollars for nothing because they don't know if the consultant is doing the right thing.(Next they will call for all the white folks to leave)What about this? (They have taken everything from us with nothing in Return) I'm not sure if this is what I heard before I maybe wrong you know.

Anonymous said...

7,594 are identification cards provided by CNMI Municipal council to Northern Marianas indigenous people. They are also known as Northern Marianas decent. Ana Teregeyo was not selected by all to be president and is just pretending to get support. This is a politically motivated group; Ana Teregeyo is representing to get votes only for some culprit politicians. Politicians know what is right and wrong but always use someone just like Ana Teregeyo who wishes to get a piece of pie by making an illogical statement to public. How did she lose the chair of a CNMI legislator because she got a lack of knowledge on U.S history, general human rights and the total meaning of “freedom”. Is she supported by Eloy administration? Is Eloy administration heading to the direction of Fitial administration? Is Eloy administration a reason, U.S ombudsman office getting closed on September 30, 2013? Backers remain invisible and present in CNMI and U.S mainland….

Angelo Villagomez said...

I disagree that this group is another TTT. TTT was formed by some locals that had been left behind; this group is made up o has been politicians. TTT wanted to make a better life for the baseborn Chamorros and had a few good ideas, but the horrible ideas overshadowed those.

As a good friend pointed out, this group only has 7 members, the six in the photo and the person holding the camera.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Kilili Sablan and Governor Eloy Inos support S.744 and no way they are associated with these racists group. The racist NMD officers are stale, tired, useless, and brainless politicians who try make waves so people will notice them again.They all plan to run in 2014.

Anonymous said...

If my name was listed among the 7,500 or so that this racist group claims are members I would not want to be associated with Teregeyo and those named in the article. If this group wrote to U.S.Congressman and claimed to have 7,500 plus members and in reality only have 7 they better make that correction or someone else will. KSPN should investigate this.