Something's Fishy

July 7, 2013

Unfortunately, the CNMI has become known for officials who take liberties, behave unethically, commit illegal acts, and generally cross lines. The latest event is truly outrageous!

The Office of the Attorney General's Chief Prosecutor, Shelli Neal, went on a 5-day fishing trip to Pagan with none other than notorious lawbreaker, Ambrosio Ogumoro.

Ogumoro, the controversial former rogue DPS official who faces criminal charges for his part in the "great escape" of former CNMI Attorney General Edward Buckingham, is the captain of the fishing boat Neal boarded on Wednesday.

Neal is the lead prosecutor in the case where Ogumoro and several other former DPS officials are accused of conspiring with ex-governor Fitial to help Buckingham avoid being served a penal summons. The list of crimes he was charged with include theft of services; misconduct in office; criminal coercion; conspiracy to commit theft of services; conspiracy to obstruct justice by interference with service of process; conspiracy to obstruct justice by interference with a law enforcement officer or witness; obstructing justice by interference with a law enforcement officer or witness; and obstructing justice by interference with service of process.

Neal is also the lead prosecutor in several other investigations of Ogumoro being conducted by the DPS and the OAG.

KSPN reports that in May 2013, Neal refused to sign off on an arrest warrant concerning Ogumoro's alleged misappropriation of government funds to benefit his fishing boat and bar. Ogumoro received a $60,000 grant from the Department of  Lands and Natural Resources to meet objectives of the CNMI marine conservation plan.

Ogumoro was awarded the grant in 2011 to implement the "Saipan Bottom-Fish Training Project." However, there are allegations that the grant funds were used to build the True North Bar that is now closed. It was reported that it wasn't until he was accused of misspending of grant funds, that Ogumoro actually initiated the first bottom fishing "training lesson" with 10 individuals.

In April 2013, Governor Inos stated that he supported an OPA investigation of Ogumoro's grant. Also, that month the federal court ordered the sale of Ogumoro's land to pay for damages and clean-up costs from a 2004 oil spill from his fishing boat,

KSPN has footage of Neal on the boat at Smiley Cove with Ambrosio Ogumoro, James Ayuyu OAG investigator, former Chief Prosecutor Rosemond Santos and her husband (embedded below). They departed on Wednesday, July 3rd and were scheduled to return on Monday, July 7th.

How cozy. Neal spent days on a small boat with the man she is prosecuting. Imagine the conversation!

Attorney General Joey San Nicolas stated that James Ayuyu will be departing the OAG this week.

In a KSPN interview Police Chief DeLeon Guerrero said he was shocked and disappointed that Neal took the trip. He expressed concern that Ogumoro's investigation would be compromised.

DeLeon Guerrero stated that if it was his decision, Neal would be be removed immediately.

Well stated. Any prosecutor who would go on a fishing trip or otherwise engage in the company of a person who he/she is prosecuting should be immediately terminated. The Office of the Attorney General  should not employ an attorney who demonstrates such incredibly poor judgement and risks jeopardizing serious cases and investigations.

While the boat's compass may be operable, it's doubtful that Neal or any of the boat's other passengers possess working moral compasses.


Anonymous said...

Unprofessional, inexcusable, disgusting, pathetic. She's toast. Hope the trip was worth it. She just kissed her career goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Proof that some of the dumbest lawyers wind up working for the CNMI government in particular the OAG. Her career is certainly over and she has no one else to blame but herself. She should have kept a minimum of 500 ft from the man who she is investigating. What makes this even worse and possibly criminal. His defense team will eat the OAG prosecution for breakfast and Ms. Neal will certainly be deposed as a witness and or arrested for witness tampering.

Anonymous said...

Eloy Inos is a crook and all his men are thieving crooks too. She road on the same train and will never again have integrity.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people that boarded the boat are all involved in some scam or another related to local and federal funds. Maybe she is on a information and fact finding trip? :)

Anonymous said...

8:41 Uh no way, but hilarious and ridiculous suggestion!

captain said...

HE,HE, interesting but not surprising, no time to get into this now.
But what can you expect from anything from this govt.
Inos has shown his true colors along with his in house people during his short term.
Same ole same ole as Fitial, just different name.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got a noose? How about a giant cross and nails? This is So Scandelous! I can't believe such Scandelous things occur here, I mean CLEARLY she booked this trip knowing that Ogumero was the Captain. And she did it so they could speak intimately out in the ocean where nobody would catch them. Thank God somebody was in the bushes spying on them! Who submitted the video again? They should be rewarded for being at the right bush at the right time with an awesome zoom filter filming this corruption taking place. Who filmed it again? I mean CLEARLY we should stand against corruption and when I say STAND, I mean ruin her career, stain her record,destroy her future (& ignore all the great things she has done for the CNMI). I think we first need to pass legislation to allow public floggings and capital punishment and then Flog her and hang her. I mean Seriously, she walked onto a boat and surely murdered innocent fish! Murderor Shelly! And when you said, "imagine the intimate conversations" I did! Based on no facts, but only my wandering mind I imagine the conversation went like this:

Shelly: "let's get on this boat and be corrupt! If you give me $300,247 I'll drop your case known as the 'great Saipan escape"

Ogumero: let's go dump oil in the sea. I've got some land I need to get rid of.

Shelly: let's kill us some Turtles!
Ogumero: I've got fruit bat meat, want some ?
Shelly: the open ocean is the only place we can discuss our Scandelous ways, away from that man in the bushes with a camera.
Ogumero: oh sweet Shelly, I love you so much even though you r the person trying to put me in jail.

I mean we can only ASSUME that is what was said. Granted i have no evidence or facts to back it up, but When I watched the video I read their lips and I'm sure that's what they said.

Stand against corruption! Join us in passing legislation to allow capital punishment! And let us kill all those who stand against freedom!

Anonymous said...

Inos didn't know about this. You can bet he is having it out with Joey right now. Neal is going to be shown the door. Don't be so quick to attack.

Anonymous said...

You're right, captain! They are all same bananas! We need new breed of people here on CNMI, honest, efficient, trustworthy, a true public servant and God-fearing. But that's what these ole, ole are trying hard to prevent to happen.

Anonymous said...

4:53 Yours is a ignorant comment. Kill the messenger is an old CNMI tactic. It is also childish and doesn't fool anyone. Shelli Neal was wrong, unethical and foolish. She ruined her reputation, integrity and career. We just witnessed it. Just getting on that boat was wrong and she should have known that. If you can't understand what is wrong here you need help.

Anonymous said...

These past ten years in the CNMI have been filled with corruption at nearly every level and every office of the government. AGO, CHCC, NMC, DPW, MOS, CAO... And the list goes on and on... It must stop now. Wake up CNMI! Speak up CNMI! Pot Fabot na Para Gi Chi'ña!

Anonymous said...

LOL while on her fact finding mission, Fitial appears out of the blue by helicopter to assist and collaborate.