The White House Releases Report Detailing the Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform

July 11, 2013

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During a morning meeting with the Hispanic Caucus yesterday, President Obama released a report that details how immigration reform is economically beneficial. From a White House statement:
America has always been a nation of immigrants, and throughout the nation’s history, immigrants from around the globe have kept our workforce vibrant, our businesses on the cutting edge, and helped to build the greatest economic engine in the world. However, America’s immigration system is broken and has not kept pace with changing times. Today, too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living and working in the shadow economy. Neither is good for the economy or the country. 
The Senate’s Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act (S. 744) represents the best chance that our country has had in years to modernize our immigration system. The President urges the House of Representatives to take action and move this bill or similar legislation forward, and stands willing to work with all parties to make sure that commonsense immigration reform becomes a reality as soon as possible.
The release came on the day that the Republican House members were meeting to discuss how they would approach immigration reform.

The report explains how immigration reform strengthens the overall economy and grows U.S. GDP;fosters innovation and encourages more job creation and job growth in the U.S.;increases the productivity of workers and adds new protections for American workers; would reduce the federal deficit, balance out an aging population, and strengthen Social Security;and will contribute to our housing market recovery and strengthen the technology, agriculture, and tourism industries, among others. Read the report: