Will He Name Names?

July 22, 2013

It is interesting that Senator Juan Ayuyu has pleaded guilty to smuggling the endangered species, fruit bats and to conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding. He could have made that pleas at the onset of this case and saved himself and the taxpayers, who are funding his stay in jail, a great deal of expense. Perhaps spending months in jail inspired Ayuyu to accept responsibility for his acts.

Now the question is will Ayuyu reveal who he was delivering the fruit bats to? Some have speculated that it was another CNMI Senator who was set to receive the cargo.

At yesterday's hearing the NMI District Court set Ayuyu's sentencing for November 8, 2013.

It is also amazing that since being charged the Senator still has clung to his position and the Senate has not suspended him.  Another disservice to the people of the CNMI by a stubborn offical. It seems that most CNMI officials who violate laws or commit unethical acts only leave office after being forced out.

Now that Ayuyu has admitted his guilt and confessed to the crimes, the Senate has the responsibility to take swift action to expel him so that his seat can be filled.

The plea agreement also calls for having the charges for possessing a phone in the prison dropped.

Read the plea agreement:


Anonymous said...

Ayuyu didn't smuggle any fruit bats anywhere. He conspired to smuggle them. The wacky Federal government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this insane case involving a conspiracy. This BS witch hunt should have been thrown out of court, quashed, squashed and forgotten. At the same time the military wants to use Pagan as target practice oblivious to the fact that the island has it's share of "endangered" species. Let him name names. The Feds squeezed this man so he could rat others out for who the hell knows.

Anonymous said...

1:44 What are you talking about? Ayuyu packaged and shipped fruit bats to Saipan from Rota hidden under lemons.
The told his accomplice to lie about it to the Grand Jury.
And this is according to his own written statement.