Tinian's Crooked Gaming Commission

September 9, 2013

Nonresident workers at the Tinian Casino report that new management is paying them on time. After years of suffering and struggling while they waited for weeks of unpaid wages they are enjoying timely pay checks!

But now the Tinian  Gaming Commission is out to take a huge chunk of their wages. Nonresident workers report that the Tinian Gaming Commission posted a memo in which all staff that were promoted must update their current ID. In order for an employee to update their ID, they have to pay $500.00 to the commission. If the ID is not updated the employee will be given a notice that they have 7 working days to pay the fee and after that the employee is not allowed to work.

This is robbery.  What person making less than $7.00 an hour can come up with $500 for a bogus ID fee?  Just one more ugly CNMI extortion scheme.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure? This has got to be illegal.
Why only the non residents? Some locals hold positions there that are under the parallel job description as CW.

By what authority and what law give these idiots the right to impose such a fee?

Somebody had beyyet get on this Tinian Mayors case ad get some answers.

Why has non of the papers reported this?

But MV is totally useless anyway I would expect at least Tribune to pick up on it.

Anonymous said...

best they all refuse to follow this bogus requirement and then see what will happen.

Unless ALL employees not follow no attempted action by anyone against this will come about.

This is a sizable amount of change, even without not knowing how many employees Dynasty has now.

I wonder just what the supposed justification is for this fee?

Someone should get a TRO against this and follow through in court.

Anonymous said...

Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission (TCGCC) has been stealing money from Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino (TDHC) employees since the grand opening of Casino in Tinian. All new employees hired by TDHC are required to pay a fee to get an ID that will enable them to work in Casino. The fee collected from the employees is used to make party among TCGCC employees. What a shame on TCGCC? What a scheme? Are the CNMI governor and legislatures aware of this? Pay the fee to get a casino work ID issued by TCGCC or the TDHC employee is removed from the casino floor or threatened to lose the job position. CNMI work permit is controlled by USCIS, Department of Homeland Security and not by TCGCC. To TDHC employees, Please find a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit against TCGCC to retrieve all fees for ID paid to them. You TDHC guys are going to win!!! What does CNMI OAG get to say?

Anonymous said...

And still nothing in any of the papers to inform the public about this scam to get their reaction.
No reporter has contacted the Tinian mayor nor the Commission etc.

I guess it is not in Zaldy's interest to print anything worthwhile from Tinian as usually only irrelevant personal unconfirmed articles comes out of Tinian as claims are called in to MV reporter Todeno.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that only Tribune did an article on this. Many had reported this to both papers but MVariety has no interest even though they did an article on the Chinese ships aground.

Seems for awhile now MV has/is going down hill fast. They cannot even keep their online running and only non news items most times in the paper or the same news a day later than the Trib.

Anonymous said...

Yep, seems MV is more interested in a daily repeat of the Tinian Church next door to the Library closing it's very small school for 13 preschool student than the welfare of hundreds of constantly abused non-resident workers.

Anonymous said...

The $500 fee if for the upper, middle management and pit bosses.
All other workers pay $50 for the ID card. This has been a part of the conditions of all investors that have a gambling license (3) since the inception of the Tinian Gamming Council. It just was never enforced. The fee is for the background checks of all employees at the Tinian Dynasty right up to the top including the CEO. The take over company welcomes this as they will know who they have employed. The question is will the TGC actually do background checks.............. you can request the supposedly background checks. So check if the TGC members are actually doing their jobs.

Wendy Doromal said...

10:32 Really? So upper management and the like earn under $7.00 an hour and can afford that fee!?

Anonymous said...

I think you coined the word ............... "snarky"?

Anonymous said...

There seems to not have been any background checks on the local employees only they go by name and affiliation to be hired especially the ones that they hire for inspectors that sometimes show up for work then go home or sit in their room and drink and eat then sleep. That room was literally trashed when I had seen it years ago.
My pig and dog pens were much more cleaner.
Some of the "inspectors had criminal convictions. Many of us commented on just how they got the job.

BTW any non resident employees already have had background checks prior to even being hired from off island.
So many have Casino experience elsewhere.
They also have to have police clearance to just be employed along with drug testing in their own country in most cases.

These incompetent non experienced Gaming Commissioners should also be required to have a background check, along with credit check and at least two years actual Casino experience.