Partisan Immigration Bill Introduced in the House

October 3, 2013

“We believe that every newcomer to our country who brings his or her hopes, aspirations, dreams, determination, for a better future for his or her family, makes America more American by subscribing to that spirit of optimism that is our country.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) introduced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act yesterday.  H.R. 15, the immigration bill sponsored by Garcia has 120 co-sponsors, all Democrats. It compliments S. 744, the Senate immigration bill that passed earlier this year, without the border security provision.

At the news conference, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, "Every piece of this legislation has had bipartisan support and that was important to us."

It may have bipartisan support, but no Republicans have co-sponsored it yet, which could pose a problem for its passage in the Republican dominated House.

The text of the bill is not yet available online. However, CNMI Delegate Gregorio Sablan reports that the bill contains CNMI immigration provisions similar to those in S. 744.

The bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee and 13 other committees.

The Delegate stated:
“The bill allows workers, who have lived here since before 2003, to stay. They can work. They can travel off-island. Then, after an additional five years of contributing to the Northern Marianas, they can apply to be U.S. permanent residents, if they want to. That’s fair and it’s good for our economy.” 
It may be fair if we are to believe that most members of Congress cannot distinguish between 11 million illegal aliens and 12,000 legal, long-term nonresidents.  Or if we are to believe that 2003, rather than 2008 should be the qualifying year for legal aliens to be included. Fairer would be to grant all legal, foreign nonresidents who have legally resided in the CNMI for five or more years immediate permanent residency.

Still any immigration bill is better than no immigration bill. At least if a bill passes, it can be amended to make it more just.

As President Obama said of S. 744:
"None of the committee members got everything they wanted, and neither did I, but in the end, we all owe it to the American people to get the best possible result over the finish line."


Anonymous said...

"It may be fair if we are to believe that most members of Congress cannot distinguish between 11 million illegal aliens and 12,000 legal, long-term nonresidents......." very true Wendy.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately I have my doubts about this going anywhere as these incompetent congressional member's on both sides have so far recently shown in other areas.

Anonymous said...

CNMI-Washington DC Rep Mr. Kilili failed to understand or recognize the differences between undocumented and documented immigrants in USA or CNMI? He deserves to know the truth. Can someone help him to understand this? Can CNMI-US AGO or USDOJ brief him about his? Humans are not to be wasted but must be respected on earth.

Anonymous said...

mum wendy,,,,cw1 cnmi workers are immigrant workers not non immigrant..cnmi poor politicians play a role to put them on this risk.CNN must know about this all on USA soil...abusing humans and them rights..they must seek on them country before to seek in another country...its almost an communist when long time workers are losing jobs and company saying its not on performance base its by USCIS law to replace foreign workers.but some they keep on same position for another more year is that unfair or discrimination mum wendy ? because i am been here 10 years and working in one company for 6 years.most of company in last time saying sorry we find us worker for your category.what a game by uscis/US federal/us congrass/cnmi poor politicians.....its time to change...humanbeing can not be abused by poor negative nonsense.CNMI workers got abused and discriminated day by day...where is human right/CNN news channel reporter ?world must know about this.....thanks mum wendy for your all support to cnmi workers...godbless all

Anonymous said...

although it may be difficult for some to comprehend, USCIS and the Feds have been clear. The CW-1, E2 C are both non-immigrant visas and the two visa categories are being done away with in one year, unless the U.S. Department of Labor decides to extend the program. Once they end these visas, the foreign nationals who held these visas must have obtained a different status under U.S. immigration laws. That means they must be eligible, qualified and approved for a immigration status under current immigration laws. This was known to all when the CNRA was enacted almost 4 years ago.. Please prepare for the end of the program and don't wait to the last moment. when the time comes the Feds won't let the excuse that I didn't think it would end to be a reason not to enforce the law.......

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Bordallo is the only delegate who did not cosponsor this bill.