Typhoon Haiyan Smashes into Philippines

November 8, 2013

NOAA Photo of Typhoon Haiyan
Packing 200 plus MPH winds, Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines on Friday morning. The Category 5 storm made landfall in Samar Province. The storm is one of the strongest ever recorded and according to some sources the strongest typhoon ever recorded.

Downed power lines cut communication, but areas report fallen trees, knee-deep flooding and massive destruction.

The storm is headlining every newspaper, radio and television news show in the United States. Read live updates from NPR.

Bing Branigan is coordinating relief efforts in the Washington, DC area.

You can help victims of the storm by donating to:

The Red Cross at the link: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donatenow


Anonymous said...

I am in the Phil. at this time.
Most communications are out in the affected areas.
It was lucky that more than 100k people were evacuated from many areas.
From what little info that has come out it seems that, according to the Leyte Gov. Leyte has much damage and all roads are impassible due to the downed trees but no death at this time was reported there.
Bohol, which was hit by the earthquake recently also was severely affected along with Cebu and Palawan.

On the better side of this event this was a very fast moving Typhoon, between 43 and 47 kph otherwise damage and death tolls would have been much more than what it is.

Manila was barely affected, as this typhoon crossed the Phil. lower in the Southern regions than expected.
Only a strong breeze and 3mm of rain in Manila as of last night but much rain and after flooding is expected for the rest of Phil as the feeder bands follow the departed typhoon which is now out over the ocean heading for Vietnam.

So far only 23 deaths have been reported.
The PHil Military has sent out choppers at daybreak to survey the affected areas and news reports will be forth coming.
Many International relief agencies agencies were already in place prior to this storm but as of this time are unable, on the whole, to coordinate their efforts with the Phil. Govt due to communication problems.

Anonymous said...

Big or small, all storms that hit the PI are catastrophic. It's sad to see that not one single corrupt Filipino politician is injured while hundreds or thousands of impoverished Filipinos are maimed and killed. Whenever the world needs to see the overwhelming corruption of the Philippine government just wait to see the damage after a storm, flood or earthquake.