2014 Will Bring Immigration Reform

December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

In 2014 the U.S. House will be forced to stop their divisive games and start doing their jobs so immigration reform legislation can finally pass.

Indeed, 2014 has already been labeled the "year immigration reform will pass."

The year 2013 has been called "the year of reversal" as blue states moved to reverse the 2012 anti-immigration push of Republican states like Arizona and Alabama who passed oppressive anti-immigration laws. In 2013 California, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Oregon and New Jersey passed pro-immigration laws to protect basic rights of undocumented aliens.

In 2013 the conservative Chamber of Commerce joined the push for immigration reform. In 2013, thousands of undocumented aliens came out of the shadows to lead marches, protests and stage sit-ins in Republican House members' offices.

In the last year more U.S. citizens, including Republicans, have shown support for immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented aliens living in the U.S.

An October 2014 poll showed that a wide majority, 71% of voters who were surveyed nationwide, said that they would support an immigration bill that included: "border security, an expanded visa program for high-skilled workers and agricultural workers, an employment verification system, a pathway to citizenship for undocumented children and legal status for immigrants in the United States illegally."

A November 2013 poll conducted by Republicans for Immigration Reform, Partnership for a new American Economy and Compete America showed that 52% were more likely to vote for a candidate who backs immigration reform and 18% said they would be "less likely." The same poll determined that 54% were less likely to vote for a candidate who opposed immigration reform, while 17% said that they were more likely.

Charles Spies, co-founder of Republicans for Immigration Reform, stated:
“Support for immigration reform is broad and especially strong among persuadable independents that Republicans need to win elections. There is no question that Republicans have significantly more risk in opposing immigration reform than they do in supporting it.” 
In the last months of 2013 unions and immigrations advocates have stepped up actions calling for immigration reform and promise more pressure in 2014. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), spent over $500,000 in ads in district where Republican House members have opposed immigration reform.

Hundreds of pro-immigration reform advocates began a fast on November 12, 2013 to demand immigration  reform. While attention was given to fasters who set up on the National Mall in Washington, DC, others have conducted fasts in states across America to urge House members to vote on the bill that passed the Senate in June 2013.

Fasters hopes to reach House Speaker John Boehner who has stubbornly refused to bring the bill to the floor, bowing to wishes of the minority extreme Tea Party conservatives. He paid little attention, but the fasters did get the attention of President Obama and the First Lady who visited the fasters on the mall.

The President said:
"It is not a question of whether immigration reform will pass, but how soon. The only thing standing in the way is politics, and it is the commitment to change from advocates like these brave fasters that will help pressure the House to finally act."
It will be impossible to reverse the 2013 rise in momentum calling for immigration reform. Opponents of immigration reform are in the minority. Like the opponents of the civil rights movement, they are in shameful minority that is on the wrong side of history.  Not only are their numbers dwindling, but they inspire immigration advocates to fight harder.

Immigration reform should pass in 2014 and when it does it will include a provision to grant the 11,000 legal, long-term nonresidents of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands a long overdue pathway to citizenship.

Happy New Year –2014 should be a good one!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for the support for all these years, ma'm.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has lied over and over again to the American people. While there might be immigration reform in the US it won't have any effect here in the CNMI. Even the ACA barely applies here.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mam Wendy

Anonymous said...

To 7:43 am
You must seek legal advice from an immigration attorney to find out what applies and what does not in CNMI? Minimum wage gradually increased in CNMI was the first taste of federalization law. Then U.S Public law 110-229 made U.S immigration and border control laws in CNMI. Now local residents including tourists of CNMI feel safer than before. CNMI became permanently part of USA since Mr. Kilili-CNMI Washington DC rep started sitting in U.S Congress.
Since then more bills introduced in U.S house and senate to manipulate the consolidated natural resources act or U.S public law 110-229 or “federal minimum wage” to play dirty games with long-term foreign workers in CNMI. Since workers in CNMI or US are controlled by U.S Department of Homeland Security. CNMI needs to cooperate with Federal agencies to see the changes in 2014 better not only for CNMI but for the entire United States of America.

AyenKhrizia said...

Happy New Year Ms. Wendy...
Thank you for your untiring support all these years. God bless...

Anonymous said...

Chambers of commerce in the US and CNMI begrudgingly joined the reform movement due to reality. They both prefer restricted workers but in a push comes to shove, they prefer having them more than having them leave.

This is especially true in the CNMI where workers outnumber citizens and having more labor available than jobs drives the value of employment down.

The impact of reform. even though I favor it, will further widen the gap between the rich and poor and the US middle class is already in steep decay.

When Reagan granted amnesty, one overlooked fact was those one millions ability to bring family members. The average of those million brought 5 family members each. If that holds true, the US will have 78 million new legal Latin American residents a decade from now able to avail themselves of public services including Obamacare. This will lock the Democrats in power but owners will like the trend of cheaper labor and a smaller middle class.

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