Woodruff Ordered Jailed

December 3, 2013

Associate Superior Court Judge David Wiseman ordered attorney Stephen C. Woodruff to be jailed for three days for contempt of court involving his case of disbarment. After his 3-day jail sentence the attorney has been ordered to comply with the court order to file papers concerning his former clients. or face further court action.

Woodruff was found to be in contempt of court on October 2, 2013 for noncompliance with the order of his disbarment.

The judge noted Woodruff's refusal to accept responsibility for inflicting harm on his former clients. Many of the clients that he harmed were nonresident workers who depended on him to follow through with their cases against former employers. In some instances he took fees and failed to file papers or even show up for hearings causing the clients to lose their cases.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
“The court is very concerned about potential ongoing prejudice and injury to the rights of respondent’s former clients and finds it very disturbing that respondent expresses no remorse or acceptance of any responsibility for the harm he has caused to many and listens to their testimony in his state of indifference,” the judge said.  
In addition, Wiseman noted, Woodruff has placed the blame for everything he is encountering with these and other ethical problems and proceedings by challenging the court’s jurisdiction, blaming his clients, the Disciplinary Committee and its chairman, disciplinary counsel Thomas Clifford, Wiseman, the CNMI Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court for the NMI, the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Hawaii State Bar Association.
Woodruff also must pay the court $14,389.00 in costs of the prosecution of the disbarment case.

On October 15th Judge Wiseman ordered:
Pursuant to this Court’s Order of Disbarment issued on June 7, 2013, Stephen C. Woodruff was ordered to pay the costs of prosecution in this matter to the Court. The total cost of prosecution in this matter has been determined to be in the sum of fourteen thousand three hundred and eighty nine ($14,389.00) dollars. Judgment is hereby entered in the sum of $14,389.00 to be paid by Stephen C. Woodruff to the Superior Court. SO ORDERED this 15th day of October, 2013. 
I am sure the court is also monitoring whether or not the clients who were harmed by Woodruff are refunded any fees that they paid.


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"This has been a long time coming."