It's the Right Thing to Do

January 27, 2014

Alex Sablan, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, called for upgraded status for the nonresident workers. He said:
“Now, after decades contributing, many raising families, possibly working alongside us and growing up side by side with many of our own children, haven’t foreign national workers that have lived here a decade or more earned a right to achieve that possible American dream under U.S. immigration law that encompasses the 50 states and most of the insular territories?”
The Saipan Tribune quoted Mr. Sablan who addressed a crowd at the Saipan Chamber of Commerce's installation dinner for 2014 board of directors:
The CNMI still doesn’t have enough U.S. worker populace to meet even the current economic activity, “let alone the projected potential increase of 1,500 to 2,000 rooms coming online” in the tourism industry in the next two to three years, he added. 
Sablan also said that he and the Chamber board wholeheartedly believe that given all the facts that a majority of the society has come to want “certain expectations from public services” such as good public safety, good education, good health care and low cost utilities, this will “require a robust and viable economy.” 
“The historical fact and until this day we would not have achieved and will not achieve our economic vitality if not for the important role we all played, but to be clear, to the many foreign national workers that contributed in one way or another to most, if not all, our individual economic benefits derived in the CNMI,” he said.
"Granting permanent residency or improved status is the right thing to do", said Sablan. He is absolutely right!


Anonymous said...

Alex Sablan is Willie's right hand man and among Tan's main local connections. They want to keep the CW plan forever as it is better for business than the old plan they lobbied to keep. The rhetoric is good business as the Kilili plan is 10 years "if they help us" and they live that long, or they make the required income thresholds, if they can afford the application fees, and mainly if it isn't extended, changed, or cancelled.

Anonymous said...

3:01 Kilil is a swine just like Inos and Tan. All want nearly free labor for some nicey nice words tossed out now and then to placate the dumb aliens. Look how Kilili got rid of wage increase for years. Swine all. They all want the same thing which is keep OCWs down, voteless, underpaid. SWINE!