Buckingham Testimony Full of Blame and Excuses

February 18, 2014

Ex-Attorney General Edward Buckingham's testimony yesterday consisted of blame and excuses. He did not take responsibility for any of his questionable, unethical and/or illegal actions. His testimony was unapologetic.

Buckingham admitted he knew of the penal summons. He obviously evaded being served. He rescheduled his departure date and accepted an escort of DPS thugs from the governor.

Amazingly, Buckingham claimed  that demure reporter Tina Sablan was engaging in "harassment" for attempting to interview Buckingham before he fled from the CNMI. He claimed that his wife was "frightened and crying" because the reporter was in the lobby of their hotel.  Really? Why would she be afraid of Tina?

Perhaps she was afraid that her husband would be served with the summons? Buckingham claimed Fitial did not know about the summons, but that statement appears to conflict with previous testimony. Nekaifas testified that Fitial told him to block the F.B.I. from serving Buckingham the summons. The ex-governor knew about the summons and so did Buckingham.

In the end, Buckingham and his wife went along with the entire scheme of the government escort, whether it was Fitial's "idea" or his.

As for the campaign violations. It was already revealed in email documentation and the OPA report that ex-A.G. Buckingham had ordered members of his department to attend the campaign party for Covenant Party candidate Joseph Camacho who was running for Washington Delegate. (See the documentation that speaks to the fact that Buckingham violated the Hatch Act and the CNMI election law.)

It will be interesting to see how Judge Govendo rules.


Anonymous said...

What a loser. I suppose all the crooks and criminals who commit crimes can just get off by saying someone else planned it? "Sorry judge, I was at the bank robbery, but he planned it, so I'm innocent." Bucky's wife crying because she was afraid of tiny Tina. OMG! What a pair!

Anonymous said...

he will be found not guilty on all charges....wait and see. It will be a massive miscarriage of justice.

Anonymous said...


You overlook that she was accompanied by a thug renowned for his quick temper.