Contract Not Legal

February 4, 2014

Associate Judge David Wiseman of Saipan's Superior Court declared what most observers said over a year ago – that the controversial $190 million sole-source power plant deal between the Commonwealth Utility Corp. and Saipan Development LLC was not valid. The contract violated the CNMI procurement process, stated Wiseman in his 26-page ruling.

Benigno Fitial the disgraced ex-governor and Edward Buckingham, the disgraced ex-Attorney General signed the secret backdoor deal on August 3, 2012.

Judge Wiseman said that the deal was "void ab initio" or invalid from the onset.

Rep. Janet Maratita and Senator Ray Yumul filed a taxpayers' lawsuit to fight the power plant agreement. The lawmakers expressed pleasure with the court's ruling with Maratita calling it a "victory for the people of the CNMI."

Both Buckingham and Fitial face charges in connection with the shady deal. Buckingham's trial is scheduled for next week.

However, impeached ex-Governor Benigno Fitial fled the CNMI and is reportedly hiding out in plain sight in Makati, Philippines.

Will Fitial be extradited to the CNMI or live out his life as a cowardly, fugitive in the Philippines?


Anonymous said...

Fitial will die in the PI. He's too much of a coward to return to Saipan on his own. On the other hand, anyone can do a records request to see if he's collecting retirement or receiving any other government-issued checks or correspondence and at what address. If the OPA wanted to get him, it could.

Anonymous said...

Yes the big question is why is this mute and not one of the elected or any Govt official have brought this out in the open.

Also WHY has not any reporter asked this question of the Gov, Hassleback or any other official that may be in the know about any actions on this warrant.
If this question was asked and no reply it should be noted and printed so the public can attempt to see a picture being developed.