Democrats Push Immigration Reform (Again)

March 25, 2014

The Democrats are trying to force a vote on immigration reform by filing a discharge petition tomorrow. They need 218 votes, which would include at least 24 Republican votes to get the immigration reform bill to the floor.

It is unlikely that they can get the votes that they need, but they will send the message (once again) that it is the Republicans who are blocking immigration reform.

Democrats will meet on the steps of the Capitol to announce the last ditch effort to force Republican leadership to bring immigration reform to a vote.

After the press conference they plan to file the discharge petition to get H.R. 15 heard on the floor.  H.R. 15, which was introduced October 2, 2013 by Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL),  mirrors the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate last summer. It has 199 sponsors, three of them are Republicans.

The House Speaker refused to bring the immigration bill to a vote. Republicans favor piecemeal immigration reform where they can push security and enforcement over a pathway to citizenship.

The game-playing Republicans are unlikely to allow the bill to be heard despite the fact that current polls confirm that the vast majority of voters support immigration reform.  One poll confirms that allowing a vote on immigration reform will not hurt Republicans; another confirms that 6 in 10 voters support a pathway to citizenship. 


Anonymous said...

CNMI-Washington DC Rep Gregorio Kilili Sablan introduced H.R. 4296 to extend the CNMI’s immigration transition period by five years or up to Dec. 31, 2019. The bill has been referred to the U.S. House Committees on Natural Resources and Judiciary. He also recognizes that there is a humanitarian crisis in CNMI.
IS he bluffing or trying to keep non-immigrant worker’s eyes shut? He can introduce a standalone bill to extend a faulty CW-1 program for another 5 years, 10 years or 15 years but why he leaves CNMI Long term non-immigrant worker’s future immigration status unsolved. He could have included that in H.R. 4296. He is influenced to go for only immigration transition period extension and nothing else. Do they think that U.S department of Labor, U.S department of Homeland Security, USGAO and USDOI are not aware of this? CNMI immigration transition period extension must be opposed, let USCIS, USDHS to decide on this on December 31, 2014 or after? It is understood that CNMI’s intention to replace foreign workers by US workers, why do CNMI lawmakers not consider these foreign workers (Who have been here at least for last 10 years) part of CNMI community and CNMI workforce permanently? This is the main reason, “No to CNMI immigration transition period extension”.

Anonymous said...

10:24am you are true...its an cheating foreign workers in CNMI policy by congress man....once they decide to extend i will not trust USA and its human right people activity.i will leave and i hope all filipino will do same....we dont need to support cnmi politicians....i hope all will be united to do so...lets ready for leave this nonsense...dont worry about your usa kids you can bring back and once they become big you can send them USA ( the great false promise /breaking humans hope/ freedom dreaming with abuse/racist nation)lets prepare to leave this abuse black hole CNMI.we came with hope in wrong dream place..USA and its system are failing human being lives.....sorry to say that..but its truse...amen