Fitial's Trial Scheduled for April 30th

March 21, 2014

A roadside sign posted during Fitial's impeachment trial
highlights a few of his many corrupt acts.

Office of the Public Auditor legal counsel Attorney George Hasselback agreed to suspend the arrest warrant for disgraced ex-Governor Benigno Fitial if he voluntarily returned to the CNMI to face seven criminal charges.

CNMI Superior Court Associate Judge David Wiseman quashed the arrest warrant and set Fitial's pretrial hearing date for April 30, 2014. Conditions of his release will be determined at the pre-trial hearing.

From the Saipan Tribune:
Should the former governor fail to appear in court on the designated date and time, the warrant for his arrest will automatically go into full force, Hasselback said. 
Fitial should also agree, in writing, to waive any challenges to extradition if he fails to appear in court on the designated date and time.
The governor fled from the CNMI in February 2013 with his wife, Josie, to avoid facing charges. For over a year Fitial never contacted authorities even though there was an arrest warrant for his arrest.

Only after it was apparent that the CNMI Government would actively seek extradition of the CNMI's number one corruptor-in-chief, did Fitial weave a sob-story about medical issues and family issues keeping him from returning. He agreed to return if the arrest warrant was quashed. Apparently he expects the people of the CNMI to feel sorry for him, even though they are the recipients of his corrupt acts. Who seriously believes that neither he nor his wife could pick up a phone or send off an email explaining circumstances that kept him from returning the CNMI for over a year?

At the Buckingham trial last month Fitial's nephew Jermaine Nekaifes testified against the former CNMI AG Edward Buckingham. Charges against Nekaifes were dismissed in exchange for his testimony. He will also be required to testify against Fitial as a condition of the dismissal.


Anonymous said...

Ex-Governor BENIGNO FITIAL put CNMI local residents and non-residents people in trouble. He quitted his job as he was almost getting pants off by CNMI senate to become a jail bird. And he preferred to be a fugitive just to hide himself from justices. The damages he made to CNMI cannot be reversed by a sentence in the court of law. He must be sent to Goat Island to pick trashes, hunt for foods and live alone. He is the reason “CNMI, a US territory in western Pacific’s reputation in the world get ruined several times and becomes a place of crocks instead of paradise. Foreign workers become subject to labor abuse, human exploitation, human & sex trafficking. The rights of foreigners were hidden forever. United of America became blind”. Keep your eyes open and punish the corruptor. God bless CNMI-USA.