Crisostomo Trial: Evidence Points to His Guilt

April 12, 2014

Expert witnesses in Emie Romero's murder trial have revealed evidence that points to the guilt of defendant Joseph Acosta Crisostomo. The trial in taking place in Saipan Superior Court before Associate Judge Joseph Camacho.

In March 2014 Associate Judge Camacho ordered that one of the experienced co-counsels representing the defendant with attorney Janet King to be present at the trial at all times, since King is inexperienced as a criminal attorney. The co-counsels from Guam are Jeffrey Moots and F. Randall Cunliffe.

Emerita Romero was brutally murdered. Late in the evening on February 5, 2012, Ms. Romero was waiting for a taxi. She allegedly got into Cristostomo's car by mistake. Her lifeless body was found by FBI agents at the abandoned La Fiesta Mall February 7, 2012.

FBI expert, Linda Otterstatter testified that a hair sample taken from Romero's body matched a strand of hair that was found in the car Crisostomo had allegedly been driving the night of her murder. She also testified that black fibers taken from the car matched the leggings that were wrapped around Romero's neck. Additionally, two black-brown polyester fibers taken from the passenger side of the car matched the fibers of Romero's zorie that was found at La Fiesta.

William Bodziak, an expert in footprint, footwear and tire impressions, matched the footprints at La Fiesta Mall to those of defendant Crisostomo saying there was "no difference between the footprint impressions lifted by the FBI at the crime scene and those of Crisostomo."

Former FBI employee, Bodziak is a famed forensic scientist who now runs Florida-based Bodziak Forensics. He also testified at the O.J. Simpson trial, and the Oklahoma and VANPAC bombing trials.

Another witness, Kevin Maratita described Crisostomo's refusal to undergo a lie detector test.

Crisostomo has a lengthy criminal record of robberies, violent assaults, and possession of a controlled substance, among other charges. He is also a suspect in several cold murder cases.

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Jurors just rendered"GUILTY" verdict.