Pampered Defendant Fitial Faces Ten Charges

May 1, 2014

Disgraced ex-governor Benigno Fitial was charged yesterday in Superior Court with ten counts related to three major CNMI scandals: the illegal release of a federal prisoner to give him a massage at his mansion in the middle of the night, the sole-source award of the ARRA contract to his friend Michael Ada, and assisting former CNMI AG Edward Buckingham to avoid being served a penal summons.

The charges against Fitial included: one count of solicitation of escape, five counts of misconduct in public office, one count of conspiracy to commit escape, one count of use of public position to obtain benefits for business or social acquaintances, one count of conspiracy to commit theft of services, and one count of theft of services.

Fitial made a brief court appearance on April 30. According to the press, Fitial found the support from friends who greeted him at the court house "very touching".

Fitial is out on bail. He put up a $50,000 property bond and a $50,000 appearance bond.  How much did his unethical antics cost the people of the CNMI?

Associate Judge David Wiseman ruled that the defendant could not leave Saipan without being granted permission by the court. The judge granted permission for Fitial to travel to on May 5 to the Philippines to receive medical treatment.

How many other CNMI criminals have been allowed to freely travel for medical treatment? Most likely any other "sick" defendant would have to receive any treatment at the Commonwealth Medical Center.

It was also disclosed that Fitial will be attending his son's graduation in California on May 16th. How many CNMI defendants are given the opportunity to attend family events rather than remain in custody or at least be restricted to remaining in the CNMI?

Fitial's attorney, Stephen Nutting is asking that the charges be dismissed.


Anonymous said...

Fitial should be behind bars. He should get NO retirement (Same for Bucky) and he should pay back the CNMI $1 million in punitive damages. He is a snake like his trainer Willy Tan and friend Eloy.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Fitial traveling, this mirrors the Phil. justice system on high profile cases.
They ALL get sick upon apprehension and then they get to stay in a Military Hospital with full family privileges and occupy a large private room. Often time the spouse and/or other family members stay with them.
They are all allowed to go to family functions and on special holidays go to their homes.
Their cases drag on for years and years.
Besides the many that are involved in the "pork" cases and other cases. Ex President Arroyo is a case in point.
She has been held in a Military hospital due to a neck operation years ago. She is always seen with a new foam neck-brace and pushed around in a wheel chair.
She is still an elected congress woman for Papanga district.

This court should have made Fitial put up a full monetary bods (as with Bucky)
It is also interesting that Fitial can do all of the long hours of air travel but for over a year was unable to communicate with the NMI officials.
I truly hope this trial carries out past election so that Inose cannot pardon him if convicted before he leaves office at the end of the year, if that be the case.
If Inose manages to get elected than he will mkost likely pardon fiutial anyways as he will have nothing to lose.
But then again if Bucky is any indication the guilty consequences then nothing will happen anyway.

Anonymous said...

Inose? Aye, aye, Captaine.

Anonymous said...

mum windy pls reach to the perez for cnmi workers and pls ask for ead or permanent status for all long term cnmi workers as well another officers...we need help...because they dont know what is going on with us here..we all suffering with cw1 paper works..its nonsense they taking 1 year for renewal of cw1...pls do something..godbless u always

Papagoprime said...

I'll be Back ,!! We have a Score to settle..