Racist Marianas Descent Corporation Gets $100,000 from CNMI Government

July 22, 2014

CNMI Governor Eloy Inos sat on a controversial
appropriations bill that included awarding the xenophobic Northern Marianas Descent Corp. $100,000. Any appropriations bill not signed into law within 20 days passes. Such a cowardly move.

House Local Bill 18-45 appropriated $1 million in Managaha landing fees. The bulk of the money, $800,000, will be used for land compensation; $100,000 will go to the NMI Museum of History and Culture; and $100,000 will go to the Northern Marianas Descent Corp.

It was Saipan Rep. Felicidad Ogumoro who added an amendment to the bill appropriating $100,000 to the Northern Marianas Descent Corp.

Ogumoro is an outspoken leader of the racist group.

In recent months this group has spearheaded racist political attacks on foreign workers, opposed U.S. immigration bills granting status to the CNMI's legal nonresidents, and opposed allowing citizens not of NMI descent to vote on Article 12 initiatives.

So many questions. What are the funds to be used for? Why should this non-profit receive funding when the CNMI Government owes money to CUC and cannot even properly fund the public schools? What other non-profits are funded by the CNMI Government?

The CNMI Government already funds an Indigenous Affairs Office and a Carolinian Affairs Office. Now it will fund a nonprofit that actually is a politically motivated hate group?

It will be interesting to see what the people think of this sleazy scheme. It is oh so Fitial-ish.


Anonymous said...

This should be investigated. Ogumoro, Teregeyo, and the felon NMD officers are indeed racists. It's like the state of Alabama handing over cash to the KKK! All the NMI nonprofits should apply for their share.

Anonymous said...

It is an election year. To collect votes, Racist NMD was given $100000. Racist NMD groups are fools. They will accept anything for betel nuts, beers and BBQ. They know how to criticize good people to keep their foolish agenda moving forward. Are the NMD groups of CNMI blind? Keep your eyes open to compare with evils and good. Who is going to investigate their non-sense agendas? They need to learn how to welcome the changes? CNMI-Washington DC rep Mr. Gregorio Kilili Sablan should not waste his valuable times by listening to their foolish agenda. Racist NMD groups are only for themselves and do not give a damn to others. CNMI can only prosper by considering everyone equally.

Anonymous said...

if they are a non profit i am sure they are violating their non profit status with their politiking. IRS could imvestigate but unfortunately they arent a tea party group so dont expect this administration in DC or any fed judicial branch to bother looking at them

Anonymous said...

Why would the IRS investigate anything, CNMI pays no federal taxes. The NMD group is no more racist than any other race specific club. The Filipino Association, Chinese group, Hispanic Caucus, Black Caucus, Asian Caucus. As far as I know I am not allowed to join the Pinoy group on Saipan due to the fact that well I am not a Filipino. Same with Chinese or any other one of these racist clubs.

CNMIrose said...

Yeah! You re right! Why IRs investigate? The Filipinos, Chinese, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Haole who are paying more taxes must investigate. We have all the rights to investigate!. We r paying more than this nmds