More Vacation for Loser U.S. Congress

September 22, 2014

The shameless 113th U.S. Congress has given itself 54 more days of vacation after having enjoyed a full 5 weeks off for a "summer recess."  The members returned to Washington DC for 8 days of work and now they'll be on vacation again until after the elections.

That's right folks –the members who appear to be adverse to doing anything but spending time in their districts working on their own re-elections, have walked out of Washington leaving dozens of important issues unresolved.

The salaries of these unproductive, self-serving politicians need to be re-visited.

It is sickening that most middle class workers cannot even afford a vacation, yet these clueless politicians arrogantly reward themselves with more vacation time.

The American people resent the despicable behavior of the 113th Congress. I predict the lowest turnout ever at the upcoming November elections.

Thanks to the stupidity of the Supreme Court, corporations own Congress. The people are voiceless. Americans are question, why vote? Indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

Where are now the TRUE AMERICANS who are known for compassion and intelligence. I think they're all dead!

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Congress are not losers. We are the losers because we keep voting them back in. You say they are clueless, I think the American voters are the one's that clueless.

If the U.S. Congress are re-elected by a clueless voters then that means their doing a good job.

If need change, then the voters should start making those change instead of being clueless unlike the U.S. Congress.

Anonymous said...

CLUELESS?....Dn't make me laugh...Some of those representatives and senators are been there for a long time and up til now they are still CLUELESS..I agree with 8:14. The voters are the ones that are CLUELESS cuz they keep on voting them in. Or these voters are smart cuz those old timers are doing their jobs.

I guess sometimes advocates get frustrated cuz they dn't get what they want. They tend to say anything to get attention. But, CLUELESS, come on now.

It seems that your the only one that is not CLUELESS and have the answer for everything. Just remember, you can't have the whole cake.

Anonymous said...

11:57 It does not matter who a person votes for, what party, what state or territory. They are all self-serving.

Anonymous said...

5:16 your right it dn't matter, DUH!