Countdown to Executive Action on Immigration

November 18, 2014

When I was young I used to have an Advent Calendar to countdown the days to Christmas. There was anticipation, but no guessing. The date was set.

Waiting for President Obama to take Executive Action on Immigration Reform is all anticipation and all guessing. At the end of Spring it was reported that executive action would be taken before summer. Summer came and passed. Then we were told it would happen after election. The election is over. Then the news was next week. Okay guys, it's next week now and. . . .

. . . some reports are that there has to be another delay. Some media outlets report that there will be no executive action until after a bipartisan spending bill passes. Meanwhile other media outlets say Democrats are backing the action now.

If Obama pushed immigration reform during his first term, it would have been passed. If Delegate Gregorio Sablan had insisted on immediate action on the 2010 U.S. Department of Interior's mandated recommendation on status for the CNMI's nonresidents (as was the intention of the Consolidated Natural Resources Act), a bill would have passed.  The uncertainty and anguish that hang over the CNMI's nonresidents would be gone.

If our elected leaders took action instead of playing political games, we could be discussing a decent minimum wage, tax reform, and a host of other issues that need immediate attention right now.  Instead we're still waiting for people to do the right thing. Or waiting for the next excuse not to do it.