Executive Action on Immigration Form Expected As Early As Next Week

November 13, 2014

Reports from a variety of news sources say that President Obama will announce his Executive Action Immigration Plan as early as next week.   Fox news reports that it will be a 10-point plan that will:
  • Prioritize deportations for serious criminals 
  • End ‘Secure Communities’ and start a new program  
  • Boost pay for ICE officers
  • Expand high-tech visas 
  • Strengthen border security 
  • Expand provisional waivers to spouses and children of legal permanent residents 
  • Expand parole allowing undocumented aliens with U.S. citizen children to have parole
  • Promote the naturalization process by reducing the application fee for the first 10,000 applicants
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said  he would fight the President tooth and nail if he follows through with his plan. Numerous other presidents have taken executive action on immigration

An estimated 5 million undocumented aliens would be included in the plan.  Will it help the LEGAL, long term nonresident in the CNMI most who have been hoping to be granted permanent residency status for decades? Will the undocumented aliens in the CNMI be included? Hopefully, they are not left out of any executive order. If anyone on U.S. soil deserves protection and upgraded status it is this group.


Green Cards for All! said...

"Expand parole allowing undocumented aliens with U.S. citizen children to have parole."

The CNMI is part of the U.S. now, for immigration purposes. Surely any such blanket parole would be equally applicable here. Simple inertia would work against a special provision singling out and denying such humanitarian benefits arbitrarily and capriciously to a select group based on geography. Such negative "special consideration" is highly unlikely.

On the other hand, positive special consideration for the CNMI's legal CW1 visa holders and other long-time legal guest workers is also somewhat unlikely . . . UNLESS Kilili or other advocates such as USP4GG or you have gotten the ear of the President or his immigration policy advisors.

Anonymous said...

“Long-term non-immigrant workers in CNMI” are not even treated as “undocumented immigrants in U.S mainland”. They are chained & shackled by a discriminatory CW program administered by U.S department of Homeland security under U.S PL 110-229. Parents of U.S citizen children in CNMI are threatened or forced to stay in CNMI only by USCIS offices, GUAM or Saipan. Parents with parole are not given an opportunity to get to U.S mainland for travel or emergency medical services. Their requests are denied. CW workers live under frustration every single day and are forced to do multiple jobs by the employers in CNMI. CW workers are threatened before the expiration of their work permits to pay renewal costs or their CW applications will not be renewed. Once CW status is lost, they have no option but to leave CNMI even though they have been here for more than 10 years legally. This is unfair. Where in the world can you see this situation? Parents with U.S citizen children are leaving CNMI for their home countries as they suffer through new immigration system to a valid work permit. CNMI is the children’s home. But eventually U.S citizen children are getting off CNMI to live with parents to an international destination as parents are not given suitable U.S immigration statuses. What can Mr. Kilili or U.S President Mr. Barak Obama do to relieve these people from suffering? The real solution is in their hands.

Anonymous said...

Green Cards for All
Yes, unless Kilili does something. He never will. He's only about get elected and satisfying his pals and businessmen that fund his campaigns. This is going to explode in his face when the nonresidents finally have had enough and leave. Let the CNMI try to function without them. They'd rather not have them than give them status.