Inos Commutes Fitial's Sentence

July 5, 2015

As predicted, CNMI Governor Eloy Inos commuted the sentence of his buddy, disgraced ex-Governor Benigno Fitial.

No surprise. Both governors have been partners in crime for decades. From their work in Tan's sleazy garment factories that led to oppression of innocent foreign garment workers, to their unethical involvement with felon lobbyist Jack Abramoff, to numerous instances of cronyism, election fraud, and other schemes that repeatedly broke the public trust.

The governor stated:
“Our society is unique in that it is like any metropolitan city on the mainland. We are comprised of small islands and it is in our culture to be compassionate toward each other. 
It is also in our culture not to claim victory or take joy in the fall of our citizens. We are taught to not let the bad outweigh the good and to look at a person’s entire contribution to our society and not just a small piece.”
That has to be one of the most disingenuous statements ever to be uttered by a CNMI leader. "It is our culture to be compassionate to each other"?

Where was the compassion towards the legal, longterm foreign workers who built the CNMI, who paved the roads, constructed the buildings, nursed the sick, and are the backbone of the tourist industry? There was none. Fitial, Inos and other 'compassionate' Covenant Party leaders of the CNMI went into hate mode when the 2010 recommendation from the U.S. Department of Interior came out. The recommendation that called for the legal, long-term nonresidents to be granted a pathway to citizenship.

Were their anti-alien rallies compassionate? How about the ugly remarks? The sickening testimony? The xenophobic protests? Compassionate? Anything but.

 Is this compassionate governor penning commutations for those prisoners who committed far less vile crimes than Benigno Fitial? Of course not!  His selective 'compassion' is repulsive.


Anonymous said...

Two peas of a pod. Both are crooked. Fitial probably has the goods on Inos so he let him walk. Its sickening.

captain said...

Besides this was known when Inos ran for election. I keep hearing some people state that Fitial did so much for the NMI during his time in politics and also his tenure as Gov.
I have asked so many times "will somebody anybody or many people please make a list of all of the positive accomplishments that Fitial has done." Not generalization that some may attribute to him or his office but real accomplishments that have been for the people and the CNMI.
So far after all of these years asking the same question from his supporters, on line in the media and off line NONE have been able to list any. Even during election time when he was running there had never been any accomplishments listed. (Same with all op the politicians), only their long list of family names and promises.(that are instantly forgotten after election time)

Is there anybody out there that can answer my question??? If so maybe that may at least partially justify why Inos should have commuted his sentence.

Anonymous said...

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