Saipan and Tinian Hit By Typhoon Soudelor - Updated

August 3, 2015

Saipan and Tinian suffered extensive damage from Typhoon Soudelor that passed over the islands late Sunday evening with reported maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour.  Residents reported winds were closer to Category 4 wind strengths. Some complained that they were not prepared for a storm of this strength.

Soudelor is expected to become a super typhoon before it moves towards Japan's southwestern islands late this week.  Soudelor is a Pohnpeian word meaning "chief" or "ruler."

Acting Governor Ralph Torres declared the islands in a "state of major disaster and significant emergency." FEMA sent an advance team and they are assessing the damage. It is likely that a federal state of disaster will be declared. Residents are urged to take photos of damage before they begin to clean-up.

On Saipan the main power plant was flooded and part of the roof was torn off. There is no power on the island. Over 100 power poles were downed. Water is also unavailable as electricity is needed for pumps.

The Coast Guard reported that flying debris broke a 120,000 gallon fuel storage tank and thousands of gallons of gasoline poured into a containment area. Another spill resulted in 500 gallons of diesel fuel spilling into the port of Saipan. Two large fishing ships and a charter boat came loose from their moorings and ran aground in Tanapag.

The seaport and airport are shut down. Residents are urged to stay off the roads.

Some roads are impassable, blocked by downed trees. Roofs were torn from buildings and cars were flipped upside down. At least 60 people received treatment at the hospital for minor injuries.  According to news reports about 400 people are in shelters after losing their houses from the storm. Some people waited over 3 hours for fuel for generators at gas stations.

A friend from Tinian said in an email that the typhoon caused extensive damage with trees downed and damage to buildings. There is no power and water on the island.

Guam's Lt. Governor is organizing two boot drives to assist typhoon victims. Donations can be made to the Red Cross and earmarked for Typhoon Soudelor victims.

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Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be uncaring at a time like this (hope that the people will fair well during this tough time), but does anyone notice the correlation of things going bad since they opened the so called training / temporary casino??? First the outage with the underseas cable and now a direct hit from a typhoon. The gods are angry (cue the jungle drums)......
Next thing will be a major earthquake..........

Anonymous said...

11:46, could it be carma?? LOL

captain said...

Hi, Wendy,it is very interesting that most of the time you seem to have better access to info on so many things in the NMI, (and some other places)than the news media that are living there.

The Variety is most times totally useless (except for one or two reporters)Zaldi is stuck in the past and has a superiority complex and is so busy blocking so many people from posting on MV that disagree on his views and/or proves him wrong. (Notice that so many of the old posters on MV no longer posting, they have to open new identities.)

Those oil spills nobody knew about. Do you know where were they and on whose tanks and do you know of any more details??
Thanks, best to you and yours.

Wendy Doromal said...

Hello Captain

The fuel spills were reported in the PDN:

The information is vague -the Coast Guard's incident management division may have more information.

captain said...

Webdy, (and all) look at this video on the damage to Saipan

Anonymous said...

Re: Captain,
Isn't the MVARIETY owned by Willie Tan? That would explain it's bias.
On another note, everyone should look at the bright side of this typhoon. It probably blew away most of the unsightly abandoned buildings leftover from the garment days, and the U.S. Government will probably pour more money (that it doesn't have) into repairing the long neglected infrastructure. Too bad that Best Sunshine donated $10K for beautification before the storm hit. Now they will have to donate (propaganda) even more money for "typhoon relief" to show how they are "part of the community" and "good citizens". Pretty soon they are going to take a look at all that money they have been "distributing", and ask themselves about the "return", especially now that the island's tourist industry will be hampered for quite some time......

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 12:28

I think Willie Tan owns the Saipan Tribune.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, Captain,

My bad. Yes, Saipan Tribune is owned by Tan. But I agree with Captain, MV is useless and most of the time seems afraid to publish articles that go against the grain.