Labor Day -Celebrating the Fight for Economic Justice and Workers' Rights

September 7, 2015

To many, Labor Day across the U.S. is less of a celebration this year. It is more of a mourning for what should be.

The state of U.S. workers has deteriorated, as the middle class is struggling to stay afloat in a sea of corporate greed, unfair working conditions and wages that are not even close to being a living wage.

The only hope I see for the future of American workers is our unions. I am proud to be a union member. This Labor Day and this year I am  standing with my union to fight for workers' rights, economic justice and immigration reform.

Unions role in securing fair wages cannot be disputed. Workers across our country enjoy many benefits and rights because of the hard work of the unions.

I take issue with self-serving politicians who attempt to silence workers by silencing unions.  Politicians like Chris Christie who said that he'd like "to punch the teacher's union in the face." Like Donald Trump who is engaged in union busting at his Las Vegas hotel. Like anti-union Governor Scott Walker. Like Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich. We must silence them at the polls to ensure economic justice, sick and family leave,  fair working conditions and a secure retirement for every person who works on U.S. soil.


Anonymous said...

Total workers rights? You need to learn how this all works. Money is the key to influence. Always was, and always will be from top to bottom. If you have money, you have rights, if you don't good luck. Sure, you have the media moments where the elect get before the cameras and profess pure intentions and honesty. But we all know how that works, don't we? Life is a ponzi scheme. Someone is always at the top surviving on the sweat of the lower echelon which they control. The only way to circumvent the system is to drop out, refuse to particpate, seek some type of autonomous existence, and just plain refuse to accept the status quo. If you don't do that, then you are contributing as a living breathing individual they are feeding off of. Politicians survive on the backs of people who are complacent and ignorant. Get smart, learn the legal system, question authority, and don't feed them with the sweat of your brow. Starve them, and they will have no authority over you. Without money, they are powerless.

Anonymous said...

"Like Donald Trump who is engaged in union busting at his Las Vegas hotel" - ????. Wendy, I don't think Donald Trump is actively involved in "union busting". If the property in Las Vegas is having a "union organizing" issue, that is usually handled by the local management. Keep in mind that hotels & resorts here in Las Vegas have various unions representing various workers in various departments. It's usually not a clear cut case of "everybody who works there" will fall under the union. Some properties have a union representing the culinary workers, while the rest of the employees in other departments are "non-union". Personally, I don't think Donald Trump is involved on a "micro-management" level for his Las Vegas property. What usually happens is the Union (which is a business in it's own way), is always on the look out for something to "organize". This is 2015, and like everything else, it's all about the Benjamins ($$$). Unions have employees too, and executives, and offices, and expenses (lobbyist in Washington) which require a steady stream of new cash coming in (dues from members) so that the Union honcho's can continue to enjoy six figure incomes, car allowances, meals & travel expenses under the guise of "protecting and taking care" of their members. Unions in some respects are nothing more than a legal version of what a "wise guy" would call a "protection scheme". By the way, I've been on both sides (as an organizer) and as "BECK RIGHTS" advocate. In the old days, unions were a force for good. Nowdays? I'm not so sure. The U.S. has plenty of Federal Agencies that can handle employee rights, workplace conditions, health & safety, et al. In the old days, they didn't. The question comes down to the "free market" question. In a sort of rebuttal to you Wendy, unions wouldn't be necessary in the U.S. if the government didn't allow an overabundance of "labor" (i.e., undocumented workers, cheap foreign workers under visa, etc.) Labor supply & demand would influence true wages and benefits. Saipan is a perfect example of what cheap unregulated labor (influx) brings to a local economy. It allows employers to get away with demanding unreasonable qualifications (see CNMI DOL JVA's for proof)and then paying substandard wages. And the downside is that most of the wages paid are then repatriated to another country and not recirculated into the local economy. Thus the economy never grows, wages never increase, and Saipan remains the third world level island that it is. Concerning the CNMI, I cannot understand why they cannot replicate the economies of Hawaii or Guam (truthfully, I know the real reason). Bottom line, if Filipino's (the majority of CW's) didn't come to Saipan, employers would be forced to pay a better salary to attract workers from Guam, Hawaii, or the Mainland. Ask yourself why Filipinos go all over the world to take "employment contracts"? Why don't they stay home? Answer, the government doesn't create enough economic opportunities at home, and why should they if they have plenty of money coming in from Filipino ex-pat workers. In other words, nothing changes and the real blame can be placed on the P.I. Government for allowing & promoting their citizens as "cash registers" to be exploited.

Anonymous said...

As a side note to my previous comment - Wendy, I would like to ask you for clarification and proof that Donald Trump is involved in "union busting". First of all, "union busting" denotes that union is in place and someone is trying to get it out. Under the NLRB, this can only be done by a vote of the union members (decertification process). If the union is trying to organize a particular employer, the NLRB has strict rules (under Federal penalty) which regulates what an employer can and cannot do during this (organizing) time frame. Personally, I haven't read any articles in the Las Vegas Review Journal or on the local television news channels which would suggest that we have this "union busting" going on that you claim concerning his property (no lock-outs, no thugs with baseball bats, etc.). So again, please clarify and offer some specifics. I would be more than willing to take a drive over to his property and see first hand if what you are saying is factual. And in the interest of fairness, I would be willing to talk with whatever particular union is involved and drive over to their "Local" as well and get their side of it.

Wendy Doromal said...

Anonymous 11:52 and 11:16
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