Tinian Dynasty Closing

September 3, 2015

The Tinian Dynasty has announced once again that it is closing. Previous announcements were made in March 2014December 2014,  and again last month. CNMI politicians have expressed  concern about the CNMI's economy and the loss of 43 government jobs that are funded by revenue from the casino and hotel's operations.

No real mention or press coverage about the hundreds of foreign workers who are impacted. Many are still waiting to be paid back pay that they are owed.

Perhaps this is another strategical move by Hong Kong Entertainment to avoid paying penalties imposed by the U.S., or to avoid paying what is owed to cheated workers? It was mentioned that still another company, Tinian Entertainment Co. is waiting in the queue to take over the hotel and casino.

What role does the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission play in this latest episode in the Tinian Dynasty series?


Anonymous said...

Tinian Dynasty closing? People should be celebrating. The real question comes down to who allowed this debacle to come to fruition in the first place? If this was never allowed to happen, those "contract employees" would never have existed on Tinian. It just a matter of cause and effect, and greed and whatever else goes on above the heads of the common man looking for an honest existence. On a personal level, I cannot fathom why why no one listened to the wisdom of late Tony Pellegrino. Gambling is not an "industry". It's a wealth redistribution scheme. The wealth is sucked out of the pockets of fool's (by clever manipulation) and transferred into the hands of slick people who know damn well what gambling is all about. Tony had a vision for the islands based on sound business principles, and a reinvestment strategy for the community so that it would grow and prosper. Gambling was not part of his vision. From what I have read, gambling is not a part of the vision by the majority of voters on Saipan as well. People need to take back control of their government and exercise their rights. Rise up, seek out some legal representation and make a change for the better. Politicians are nothing more than parasites who have managed to elude the exterminators who could spray them out of existence. Get rid of gambling before it gets rid of you. You should never buy into an industry that operates on the premise of "others money" and no tangible product. Gambling is not an "industry", it's a ponzi scheme. And a message to the Tinian Gaming Commissioners - go get a real job....